It is well known as enshrined one of the three Gods of waka poem and worships Wakahirume, Okinagatarashihime, Sotoorihime, Akanoura. A lot of waka poems were created by the inspiration from the scenery of this area such as Tamatsu-shima Island, Mt. Tengu, Mt. Imose, Kankaikaku, Kataonami beach, etc. It connects deeply to the oldest collection of poems called “Manyoshu”.

○ Address: 3-4-26 Wakauranaka, Wakayama, #641-0025
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○ Access: Get off the bus at Tamatsushima Shrine
○ Car Parking is available
○ TEL: (from 9 am to 5 pm) 073 - 444 - 0472