Kishu Dance "Bundara-bushi" is a dance in Kishu and about 150,000 people come across on the first Saturday every August.
More than 50 groups called “Ren” more than 5,000 people participate to dance in front of Wakayama castle the symbol of Wakayama city. You can also participate on the day in the group of Tobiiri Ren.

Bundara-bushi is named after Kinokuniya Bunzaemon who was a trader in the mid-Edo period and used to go out on a rough sea. There is another story that Bundara came after repeating Bunzaemon again and again. This is a traditional folk song which inspires a beauty and dynamic of tropical Kishu with Kuroshio (Japan Current).
This dance was made in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of municipal administration in 1969. It is a wish for nurturing local traditions, awareness and a love of community.

【Date & Time】The first Saturday of August every year, 16:50 to 21:00
【Venue】 Wakayama castle area