Coming to Nasushiobara City this spring, in collaboration with the globally beloved Hello Kitty brand, this year’s ‘ichigo-to-miruku-fea’ – (‘strawberry & milk fair) will be participated in by no less than 67 different establishments, including local hotels, shops and restaurants. A huge variety of locally produced and hand-crafted strawberry & milk flavoured sweets will be available to both taste and purchase throughout the area.
Users of smartphones who have download the ‘kokoshiru Nasushiobara’ app to participate in the stamp rally will even be eligible for hotel vouchers, and those who manage to get two stamps will be given a Hello Kitty original Pin Patch.
What's more, anyone who posts content related to the event on social media (Instagram, etc.) will receive a Hello Kitty original sticker (just copy and paste the hashtags #那須塩原 or #いちごとみるくフェア)!

When: Thursday 1st March – Saturday 30th June 2018
Where: various locations throughout Nasushiobara City
Enquiries: Nasushiobara City Tourism Bureau: 0287-46-5326


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