Once again this year the "Hina Meguri" will be held within Shiobara Onsen.
During this event, participating establishments become adorned with dolls who greet visitors.
Feel free to look around and take part in the stamp rally to earn special presents!
This year there will be 60 participating establishments, including the Shiobara Monogatari-kan. The clothes and decorations of the dolls, as well as their faces, change over the course of time, making it a fun experience where you can check out how they have evolved.

Early period: February 4th (Sunday) to March 4th (Sunday)
Later period: March 4th (Sunday) to April 15th (Sunday)

At the opening event on February 4th (Sunday), the Shiobara Onsen hostess will be hosting traditional koto concerts by Amazake Furumai and Koto Ensemble Maple.


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