Pola Museum of Art will hold an exhibition of Emile Gallé (1860-1904), the first time since the opening of the museum. It was the late 19th century that "Art Nouveau" meaning "new art" in French became popular. In this style using plenty of curves inspired by natural organic forms, Gallé was a pioneer of the field of glass arts. He had created outstanding works one after another using his wide knowledge of botany and biology as well as using excellent skills. His art works, which designed by various shapes existing in nature such as plants, insects, animals, and sea creatures, are almost like a collection of nature. In this exhibition, you can see his early works to his latter years, through two perspectives of "nature"; "forest" and "sea".

Admission: ¥1,800 for adults, ¥1,300 for high school & college students, ¥700 for primary & secondary school students
Period: Sat March 17 to Mon July 16, 2018 (open every day)
Opening Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (last entry at 16:30)
Organizer: Paula Art Foundation, Paula Museum of Art
Special Cooperation: The University Museum, The University of Tokyo


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