On Sunday March 4th, the 1st "Tateyama Town Local Products & Speciality Fair" will be held in Tateyama Town in Toyama, known as Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

Thirty stores from Tateyama Town get together and sell their local specialities that are only available at the alpine route. Craft works, Tateyama original aroma oil "taroma" etc. In addition, "Rice cracker making experience" and "Brooch making" is available, so you can enjoy with friends and family, spend time together.

Free entry. Please visit us. Looking forward to seeing you there.

<1st Tateyama Town Local Products & Speciality Fair >
Date: Sun. March 4, 2018
Opening hours: 10 am to 3 pm
Venue: Tateyama Town Genki Koryu Station "Miraibu" (Toyama Chihou Tetsudou, Tateyama Line, Gohyakukoku Station 1st Floor)
Details (Tateyama Town Homepage): http: //www.town.tateyama.toyama.jp/pub/event-topics/svTopiDtl.aspx? Servno = 6598