Held just once every three years, the Nunobashi Kanjoe Purification Ceremony is a spiritual rebirth ceremony for women. It took place last year at the Ashikuraji Temple in Tateyama town, Toyama prefecture.
The ceremony originated in the Edo era (1603 – 1868), when a group of women (who at the time were forbidden from making spiritual pilgrimages to the sacred Mt. Tateyama), attired themselves in white robes & blindfolds and began a solemn religious procession over a red bridge – the purpose of this being to attain a peaceful spiritual death, followed by rebirth at the other side.
The red bridge is said to connect this world to the afterlife (or the ‘Pure Land’ in Buddhism), and it is said that crossing the bridge will allow you to pass between the two worlds.
You can now get a glimpse of this mysterious rite on Youtube, by following the link below.

All filming took place on location in Tateyama town, Toyama prefecture. Watch it for yourself, learn about this historic town and, more importantly, come and visit!
<Nunobashi Kanjoe Purification Ceremony Promotion Video>
Length: 1:26 https://youtu.be/TuKq5sLUSVI