"Shoku-Sai WAKAYAMA" is a festival of delicious food of Wakayama gathered together! !
All delicious food from the ocean, mountain and rich nature of Wakayama is gathered at the Sunanomaru Square in the Wakayama Castle!!

○ Wakayama gourmet competition
Lodges, hotels and restaurants in Wakayama city will cook following a theme and "Taste of Wakayama" will be selected. The menu chosen as a "Taste of Wakayama" will be sold at the stores after the event. Some menus became Wakayama's specialities.

○ Wakayama Umaimon Market
Wakayama ramen, sushi, local cuisine, etc., delicious foods of Wakayama are lined up. You can taste the specialties and popular dishes from the famous store at the same time.

You can eat various dishes at the same time as well as enjoy stage events. It will be a day for all generations to enjoy. Please visit Wakayama Castle.

【Date & Time】Late November every year, from 10:00 to 16:00 ※ Admission free, Cancelled with stormy weather
【Venue】Wakayama Castle, Sunanomaru Square