Fresh seafood caught at Kada Port can be tasted in Kada. Especially, Kada is well known for catching wild red snapper grew in Kishu Strait by a pole and a line. The quality is one of the best in Japan.
The red snapper and other seafood from Kada will be sold at "Sakuradai Festival". "Tai Donburi", "Tai Ramen" and "Onsen Tako Inari" etc., special dishes only in Kada will be sold. Tomogashima cruise and stage events are also organized. Visit Kada.

【Date & Time】Early March every year from 10:30 to 14:00
【Venue】Kada Osakana-souko / Parking (front of Awashima Shrine)
※ About 20 mins on foot from Nankai Kada Line, Kada Station.
【Inquiries】 Kota Tourism Association, TEL:073-459-0003