"New Year's Countdown" and "New Year's Starlight Illusion" are held in Wakayama Marina City every year.

○ New Year's Countdown
Popular artists and local musicians perform one after another. The special live only on the day is very exciting and everyone start counting down together for the new year. The entertainment is upgraded every year. This event is to celebrate a new year at the end of the year.
【Date】December 31 every year from 19:00 to 24:25 (to be confirmed)

○ New Year's Starlight Illusion
The annual firework show blesses the beginning of a new year grandly and special fireworks with special effects will be launched together with back-ground music. Do not miss the breath-taking and powerful latest fireworks collaborating with light and sound!
【Date】January 1 every year from 0:15 (about 10 minutes)

【Transportation】Take a Wakayama Bus and get off at "Marina City"
【Inquiries】0570-064-358 (Wakayama Marina City Information)