The cherry blossoms usually start from the beginning of April in Nasushiobara. It starts from the foot of the mountain and slowly goes up towards the northern mountain ranges, so they can be seen for about three weeks.
You can enjoy flower viewing in many places. Karasugamori Park, Nogi Shrine, Senbonmatsu Farm in the former Nishinasuno area. Kuroiso Park, Nakagawa riverside Park, Higashi Nasuno Park in the Kuroiso area. Many places alongside of the Shiobara Valley Line road in the Shiobara area.
The best season of flowering at the foot of mountain, Nishi Nasuno and Kuroiso area first at the beginning of April, then mountain range, Shiobara and Kuroiso area in late April.
Because of the different altitude in Nasushiobara, the cherry-blossoms can be seen for a long period. Please visit Nasushiobara in a beautiful spring day.

Location: Many places in Nasushiobara city
Season: Early April to late April (depending on location)
Inquiries: Nasushiobara Tourism Bureau 0287-46-5326


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