Ashikawa town in Fuefuki, Yamanashi prefecture, is home to a river basin area known as ‘suzuran-gunsei-chi’, from which highly prized ‘suzuran’ (Japanese Lily of the Valley) flowers grow wildly & in abundance.
It is extremely rare throughout Japan to see suzuran growing en masse in this way, and consequently the flower is a designated Natural Monument of Yamanashi prefecture. The sight of the flowers seemingly hidden among the denser foliage is a pretty sight to behold, emitting a soft, refreshing fragrance.
The suzuran ‘matsuri’ (festival) takes place when the flowers are in their full bloom, with everyone welcome to come and enjoy one of Japan’s rarer natural phenomena.

○Opening period: Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th May 2018
○Time: 09:00 – 16:00
○Location: suzuran-gunsei-chi (Ashikawa-cho, Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi-ken)
※During the event, for all medium sized buses (from 11-seater) and up, a parking fee of 2,000JPY per vehicle will be in place.
※A ‘suzuran taxi’ service will also be operation between the venue and the road vicinity where Fujiyama connects with Kawaguchiko.


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