Found only in Japan, the photograph shows the eggs of the extremely rare black salamander, and when the road (closed for the winter) re-opens once more in the spring season, Numappara Shitsugen Marsh becomes a hot-spot for encountering similar rare species.
The ‘nikko kisuge’ (yellow day-lillies) are also a highlight, and until they enter their full bloom at the start of July, the marshland is also covered in a variety of other beautiful flowering plants.
Mt. Nasu itself may be a difficult climb even for high level mountaineers, but as a marshland area, Numappara Shitsugen is easy to explore using only light equipment, and is a highly recommended spot for a marshland walk.

○When: road closure lifted as of Saturday 28th April 2018
○How to get there: approx. 50 min. drive via the Tohoku Expressway (from the Kuroiso-Itamuro Interchange). The entrance to Numappara car park is located at the other side of the main gate to the Nasu Highland Golf Club.
※SAT-NAV users should set their destination to Nasu Highland Golf Club (tel. 0287-69-1007). Please note that there is no bus service in operation – taxis or rental cars are essential for tourists.
○Enquiries: Kuroiso Tourism Association – tel. 0287-62-7155


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