Making their first appearance in mid-late June, the unique Haccho Tombo Dragonfly can be seen in the Yoshi-numa marsh until around September.
Averaging just 2cm in length, the Haccho Tombo is one of the smallest dragonflies in the world. The males possess beautiful crimson colouring and the females are of a pretty brown-striped pattern.
Due to their size, they can be hard to spot among the marshes, however if you look closely at the ground when the wind stops, you’ll be sure to catch sight of a few of these exquisite creatures.
Besides the Haccho Tombo, the Yoshi-numa marsh area is also home to various unique plant species that can only be found in the Shiobara area, including ‘watasuge’ (a species of tussock grass), and pygmy waterlilies.
There is a raised wooden walk-way constructed above the marshy ground, starting at the car park - making the marsh an ideal location for a leisurely stroll in the midst of a refreshing breeze.


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