Infused with the light sweetness of eggs, Wakaura Senbei (rice crackers) are well loved to this day as one of Wakayama’s local specialities.
The name ‘wakaura’ originates from a scenic spot in Wakayama (‘waka’ being an ancient form of Japanese poetry, and ‘ura’ meaning ‘beach’ or ‘seashore’). In the Heian period, the name was also read as ‘manyoshu’ after the oldest existing collection of Japanese waka poems.
Just last year, Wakaura became a certified Japan Heritage ‘zekkei-no-houko-waka-no-ura’- translating roughly as ‘superb seashore of poetic treasures’.
Various famous places associated with Wakaura beach are depicted on the senbei crackers, including images of the first shrine dedicated to the worship of Tokugawa Ieyasu (the first shogun of the Tokugawa era), the Furobashi Bridge, etc.
These unique crackers are available to purchase in a variety of stores throughout Wakayama City, including Wakayama Omiyage (souvenir) Centre.

Wakayama-shi, ichiban-cho 3 (Wakayama History Museum 1F)