Kada Awashima Onsen "Osaka-ya Hiina no Yu", is an inn that takes pride on the beautiful sunsets seen from its open air bath and its fresh seafood cuisine.
Let the soothing water treat your skin as you gaze upon the setting sun, and feel the sea breeze in your face while bathing inside this boat motif open bath. You will certainly feel as if rowing across the vast ocean. The evening sea dyed with the colors of the sun is a particularly superb scene to behold.
Bathe as you gaze upon this scenery, where the tranquil waters of the Kitan Strait blend with Tomogashima in the open sea, then feel its superior soothing effect with your own flesh.

640-0103 Kada Kaigan-dori, Wakayama city
TEL: 073-459-1151 FAX:073-459-1154
WEB: http://www.hiina.com/
Access: 10-minute walk from the Nankai Electric Railway "Kada Station"