In the Hako-no-Mori Play Park, Stag Beetles and other Beetles will be shown during a limited period.
There will be various kinds of beetles, such as Rainbow Stag Beetle and Heracles Beetle.
It is said that Japanese beetles have a more gentle character than the beetles from overseas.
When you walk around Nasushiobara early in the morning, you may find an Oni-Mushi.
Locally called stag beetles and beetles “Oni-Mushi”. Isn’t it interesting?

There are other attractions, like a funny bicycle and you can play in the forest all day in the Hako-no-Mori Play Park. Come and spend your summer holiday there!

Date & Time: Saturday 14th July to Friday 31st August, between 9 am to 5 pm.
During this period no closing day.
Venue: Hako-no-Mori Play Park
Admission: Free


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