A sacred spot for what the Japanese call ‘B-class gourmet’ (casual food that represents the heart and soul of the people), one of the biggest events in Kurume City is its yakitori (skewered grilled chicken) festival – returning this year for the 16th time.
Despite a huge variety of local yakitori available, there’s far more than just chicken with which to tease the taste buds. Grilled meat including pork, beef and even horse-meat are also available to be enjoyed.
Plenty of surprise bargains and quirky products can also be chanced upon in the various local shops.
With each local vendor preparing its own delicious meaty delicacies, Kurume City - the dubbed ‘kingdom of yakitori’ - is waiting for you to come and savour its specialities to your heart’s content!

【When】Saturday 8th September, 11:00 - 20:00
Sunday 9th September, 11:00 - 16:00
【Cost】free entry (food prices set by individual vendors)
【Location】Higashimachi Park (Kurume City, Higashimachi 26)
【Kurume’s hospitality – ‘hotomeki’ - website】


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