Take a walk on a street with maple trees at the Shiobara Valley.
Enjoy a “waterfall” and “literary monument” at the "Taisho Roman Kaido".
A part of the former route #400 (used to be Mikaeri Kyudo) named "Taisho Roman Kaido" is now being introduced as a walking course, and people enjoy 8 different waterfalls such as “Kaiko-no-Taki” and “Fudo-no-Taki” with maple trees colouring in the season.
There are some literary monuments such as poetry written by a writer who visited Shiobara Onsen along the road. It is a pleasure to take a walk while thinking of Shiobara Onsen at the time.

When you visit Shiobara Onsen, take a walk on the "Taisho Roman Kaido".

The best season of Autumn leaves is usually mid-November.

※ Closed for vehicles during winter between December to March


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