"Fresh Fish Cuisine: INASA" is located on the beach road towards Awashima Shrine.
As Kada Port is famous for snapper pole-and-line-fishing in front of the shop, they offer fresh seasonal seafood immediately after the catch.
They serve red bream, parrot fish, cray fish as sashimi arranged in its original shape and only fresh fish for a hot pot, sushi and traditional Japanese multiple course meals.
Especially red bream shabu-shabu, sashimi of the pike conger sea eel and thread-sail filefish and the sushi of small bream called "Chariko sushi" is wonderful.
In addition, the speciality "Tai-arani" is made of a peculiar taste of bream without using any sweetener like sugar or Mirin at all, it is made using only the original sweetness of the bream.
Please try the authentic taste of freshness and high-quality.

< Fresh Fish Cuisine: INASA>
○ Address: 196 Kada, Wakayama
○ Phone: 073-459-0118
○ Business Hours: 11:00 ~ 21:00 (OS 20:00)
○ Closed: Tuesdays (Open for public holidays)
○ Access: After getting off the train at Kada Station Nankai Kada Line, 15 mins on foot
○ URL: http://www.inasa.net/index.html