Established by the Kishu clan warlord Tokugawa Harutomi in 1820 (Japan’s Bunsei era), Yosuien is a perfect example of a garden that was built for the higher end of society. Utilising sea water, the garden was built in what is known as the ‘chi-sen-kai-yuu-shiki’ style, in which a lake or pond is surrounded by a path.
The garden’s pavilion is also built in the traditional ‘sukiya’ style for holding tea ceremonies. As well a tea house, 33,000 square metres of beautiful flowering plants colour the garden in accordance with each season, making it a place rich in gorgeous natural beauty.

Wakayama-shi, Nishihama 1164
〇opening hours:
11:00 - 17:00 (September to March), 09:00 - 18:00 (April to August)
〇entrance fees:
Adults (12 yrs & up) - 600JPY; children (under 12s) - 300JPY
Alight at the 'Yosuien-mae' bus stop (Wakayama city bus route)