A designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property across Wakayama prefecture, the Kinomoto Lion Dance is a re-enactment performance of a Shinto ritual dance, for which one’s mind was to be focused on prayer and giving thanks to the gods.
With dancing taking place both on the ground and on top of the ‘danjiri’ – a decorative portable shrine used during rituals and festivals, the Lion Dance is widely regarded as a lively and extraordinary sight.
Especially worth seeing is the performance that takes place about 5 metres above the ground on a ‘butai’ stage, in which a lion character dances to the accompaniment of flutes, drums and the sound of a gong.
The furious zeal of the movements and the powerful charm they evoke make it almost impossible to take your eyes off this dazzling performance.

Kinimoto Hachimangu Shrine(Wakayama-shi, Nishinosho 1)
mid-October annually
20 min. walk from Hachimanmae station (on the Nankai Kada line).
Alternatively, from JR or Nankai Wakayama stations, board the city bus, alighting at the Kinomoto bus stop, from which it's an approx. 10 min. walk.