Numappara Marsh is a sub-alpine wetland located at the altitude of 1,230m in Nasu Town, area of 250m East/West and 500m North/South, which is the Westside of Hinode-daira and the Southern-most tip of the Nasu mountain range.
Although it will not colour a flashy red nor yellow, whole area is covered like a rugged orange carpet.
It is a perfect place for hiking in autumn leaves without using trekking equipment because you can get to the marsh by car.
Come and spend a relaxing time surrounded by autumn leaves.

About 50 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Kuroisoitamuro Exit
On the other side of the main gate of Nasu Highland Golf Club, there is a municipal road to Numappara parking lot.
※ For GPS, set Nasu Highland Golf Club (Tel: 0287-69-1007) as the destination and take the municipal road.
(Note) There is no regular bus service to Numappara parking lot, please take a taxi or hire a car.

Kuroiso Tourist Association Phone 0287-62-7155


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