As the season of snow-filled fun approaches, I always find myself wondering just how much it will snow this year...
Alongside the arrival of autumn and its red leaves, my thoughts tend to stray towards the season that follows.
As a country with four distinct seasons, there’s such a huge variety of seasonal activities to enjoy in Japan – an especially popular winter activity being trekking through the thick snow, wearing specialised snowshoes. There’s definitely a thrill in walking through the middle of a snow-filled forest, or traipsing your way up a mountain in snowshoes, that would be impossible to do during the summer.
Even if you fall, the soft fluffiness of the snow means you won’t get hurt a bit, and if it’s a sunny day, it’s surprisingly not too cold!
“But I’ve never worn snowshoes before…”; “It looks a bit too difficult for me”…
Not to worry! The Shiobara Onsen Visitors’ Centre has a programme specially recommended for first-timers (reservations begin from December).

For further details, please refer to the Shiobara Onsen Visitors’ Centre website (Japanese):


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