Enjoy Nasushiobara while having a dessert with strawberries and milk!!

A lot of original desserts are available at assigned lodges and restaurants in the city. The desserts are made of tasty Tochigi’s local strawberries and milk produced in the “Milk Town Nasushiobara” the largest milk producer in Honshu of Japan.

Join the stamp rally using the smartphone app "Kokosil Nasushiobara" and get an accommodation ticket!
There are up to 4 opportunities to win this year!
Everyone who collects 2 stamps will get “Hello Kitty Original Pin Batch” which is only available in Nasushiobara.
When you post SNS, you will get a "Hello Kitty Original Sticker"!
Hashtag on "# Nasushiobara" and "# Strawberry and Milk Fair".

Come to Nasushiobara and find your favourite desserts!!

Duration: Sat. December 1, 2018 to Fri. May 10, 2019
Venue: Assigned lodges and restaurants in Nasushiobara
Inquiries: Nasushiobara City Tourism Bureau 0287-46-5326


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