Limited time only! Makigarinabe is generally served only during the Makigari Festival, but this Special cuisine "Makigarinabe" will be served in the city!!

During the period from Sat 1st December 2018 to Fri 10th May 2019, forty-three participating facilities will serve their original Makigarinabe (hot pot). Makigarinabe is inspired from the Makigari hunting done by Minamoto Yoritomo and served only during “Nasuno Makigari Festival” every October. Each facility offers their original Makigarinabe during the Makigarinabe Fair.
Come and taste different ingredients and flavour depending on the facilities.
In addition, when you post with “#Nasushiobara”, “#Makigari”, “#Makigarinabe Fair”, you can get a "Tourism Bureau Original Hello Kitty Goods".
Visit Nasushiobara and try our local gourmet "Makigari Cuisine"!


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