Great deal of accommodation plan only for winter! Served a famous cuisine called Makigarinabe (Hot Pot) with a warm welcome!!

Between Sat 1st December 2018 to Sun 31st March 2019 (except between Mon 31st December 2018 to Thu 3rd January 2019), participating facilities at Shiobara Onsesn and Itamuro Onsen in Nasushiobara offer the accommodation plan called "Shiobara Onsen & Itamuro Onsen: Hokkori Makigarinabe Plan”.
The Hokkori Makigarinabe Plan offers special services and local cuisine; "① reasonable price", "② original Makigarinabe (hot pot)", "③ a warm drink", “④ dessert in a warm room”, “⑤ one specialty dish at breakfast”, “⑥ optional Sake tasting set (depending on the facility and is an optional extra)” and "⑦ warm-up benefit (depending on the facility)".
Makigarinabe is a famous cuisine in this area, served every year at the "Nasuno Makigari Festival", which was inspired from Makigari (a type of hunting style) at Nasunogahara Plateau by Minamoto Yoritomo. We offer a unique original hot pot to every customer who stays with the Hokkori Makigarinabe Plan.
It is the most recommended plan that makes your body and mind warm and satisfied by various types of hot springs, delicious cuisine and hart warming hospitality.


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