Kurume City is known as a largest producer of plants and seedling in Japan, and Kurume Plants Festival is held in February every year. 100,000 different trees with thousands of species will be displayed in the venue, such as plum trees an indicator of Spring, pine trees appearing in movies and comics as a typical scenery of Japan.
Tsuboniwa Garden which condenses traditional Japanese beauty will be created by exhibitors. During the event period, an auction of the garden plants will also be held. Come and try the Japanese culture.

Duration: February 8 (Fri) to February 26 (Tue) 2019
Opening Ceremony: February 8 (Fri) 2019 from 10am; Rice cake catching, Flower seedlings give away
Plants Auction: February 16 (Sat) 2019 from 1pm
Admission: Free
Venue: Kurume 100 years Park, multi-purpose square

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