East coast of Kochi prefecture, the sun sets in the sea sometimes looks like a shape of snowman. set in a natural phenomenon when light is refracted into water vapor due to temperature difference between sea surface and atmosphere, and is called "Daruma Sunset". It can be seen from mid-September to the beginning of May. However, it is a natural phenomenon under a few conditions, so it is rarely spotted even by local people.
The conditions of "Daruma Sunset" is that no clouds hide the sun on the horizon. When the temperature difference between the sea and atmosphere is bigger, the Daruma shape appears larger. Colours and shapes slightly vary depending on temperature, humidity, condition of the clouds.
You may be able to see the orange coloured “Daruma Sunset” on a winter sunny day and the sun sets in the sea, if there are no clouds on the horizon. The shape is formed only for 20 seconds! Since it disappears so fast that whoever sees the “Saruma Sunset” is really lucky.
Muroto City is a rare place where you can see not only "Daruma Sunset" but also see "Daruma Sunrise" because of the protruding geographic shape towards the Pacific Ocean.
Many photographers try to take a photo of "Daruma Sunset". Come and see the 20-second nature miracle in Kochi?


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