Kiragawa in Muroto City was recognised as a national important preservation district of historic buildings. The area produced high-quality Bincho charcoal representing Japan and had prosperous trading of “Tosa Bincho charcoal” from the middle of the Meiji Period to the Showa era. There are merchant houses of plastered walls built in the Meiji era and warehouses with draining tiles on the white walls of "Tosa plaster" line up along the street to preserve the nostalgic landscape of Japan.
Since many typhoons strike this area, the outer wall called "Ishiguro" is made of river stone and beach rocks to protect the houses from wind and rain make a unique landscape of this area.
From the end of February to the beginning of March, they have "Tosa Town House Dolls Festival" and each house is decorated with "Hina dolls", which makes you feel the arrival of spring. In summer,wind chimes made of "Tosa Bincho charcoal" are hung from the eaves and welcomes you with a beautiful sound shaken by the wind.
Come and take a walk around the streets of Kiragawa nurtured by history and culture.


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