In Nasushiobara, we have Strawberry and Milk Fair to enjoy "Strawberry and Milk" sweets using strawberry which are harvested the most in Japan for 50 consecutive years and the milk which is produced the most in Honshu. This article introduces Shiobara’s specialty Tote Yaki♪

Left: Eitaro (Phone: 0287-32-2155)
Middle: Imaiya seika (Homepage: http: //
Right: KudamonoyaCafe Fujiya (Homepage: https: //

Lots of strawberries and cream with fluffy dough made of egg and milk.
It looks like crepe, but it is not a crepe.
Besides sweet Tote Yaki, there are also Tote Yaki with sushi or stewed♪
It is popular to take a walk while having Tote Yaki in Shiobara!

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