In Nasushiobara, we have Strawberry and Milk Fair to enjoy "Strawberry and Milk" sweets using strawberry which are harvested the most in Japan for 50 consecutive years and the milk which is produced the most in Honshu.
This time, we introduce "Milk Shiratama de Strawberry Zenzai" by "Uyado Umegawaso".
The simmered red beans contained strawberry and Shiratama made with milk.
It's healthy so you can eat as much as you like.
Come and try unique Japanese sweets.

We have a stamp rally which you can get Hello Kitty original goods and an accommodation ticket by lottery! Eat sweets and collect stamps. Download the sightseen app "Kokosil Nasushiobara".
Hello Kitty Original Pin Batch with 2 stamps, Original Goods like Hello Kitty Mug Cup and Towel with 3 stamps!

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