Seven municipalities in Eastern Kochi prefecture, Aki-shi, Muroto-shi, Yasuda-cho, Tano-cho, Nahari-cho, Kitagawa-mura and Umaji-mura have “Dolls Festival in Tosa Town House” for four days from 28 February to 3 March in 2019. This event aims to show the Eastern area where many Registered Tangible Cultural Properties remain, along with Japanese traditional "Hina Dolls Festival".
The unique old private houses and merchant houses will be the venue, each family decorrates their own inherited Hina dolls or handmade dolls, and it is crowded with many visitors. It is a great attraction of this event to walk around the beautiful street, as well as to see a Hina doll in a private house where you cannot enter normally.
In the main venue at Yasuda Town, Yasuda Machanami Interchange Hall, Nagomi, you can see valuable Hina dolls made in the late Edo period and Meiji era.
You can enjoy various Hina dolls of different age and different looks in each municipal, as well as recitation, stamp rally, special product sale.
Please visit the Eastern area of Kochi and enjoy the various Hina dolls festival events.


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