"Nara Clock" is a clock tower located in the Aki City Kochi Prefecture in the centre of the Aki plain and is one of the tourist attractions of Aki City.
Hatanaka Genma was born as a son of large landowner in Doi-mura (at the time) in 1887 people did not have any watch in household, he had been interested in the American-made octagon clock in the kitchen wall of the Hatanaka family. Genma repeatedly disassembled the clock, assembled it back, and studied the structure of the watch. It is said that he made every part like gears and weights by himself, improved several times, and completed the Nora Clock. Since it was not an era where you can find watch everywhere, the clock let the people who was working on their field nearby know the proper time. The Nora Clock kept working for over 120 years. In 1996, it was designated as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property. Currently, it is not working on a daily basis, but it is still used as a landmark and meeting place in town. In addition, this area is popular as a photo spot for the tourists since sunflowers in summer and cosmos in autumn are flowering. Come and visit Aki City to have a look country scene and the Nora Clock worked for over 120 years.


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