"Kotogahama" is a boast of Geisei-mura Kochi Prefecture. It was formed by facing sea water from Pacific Ocean and fresh water from Wajiki River and become sandy beach about 4 km length from east to west. It was named "Kotohama" because the scenery from the ocean resembles the shape of Koto music instrument, and the rolling sand on the beach echoes like the sound of Koto. Tens of thousands of pine trees are beautifully aligned in length on the long coastline, and there are old trees with age 300 to 500 years old. It is selected as one of the "100 White Sand and Green Pine of Japan", but these pine trees are not only beauty but also stopping sand and proof of the wind and tide.
Kotogahama is also known as a beautiful moon, a moon watching concert is held at the time of harvest moon, and you can enjoy the moon watch while listening to Japanese drum and other instruments. In autumn, countless bamboo lights are lined up on the sand beach, the sound of waves and the sound of pine trees by the wind create a mysterious atmosphere.
It is recommended to spend luxurious time while watching the Pacific Ocean on the sandy beach in the daytime or enjoy the fantastic atmosphere at night. Please come and visit Kotogahama.


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