Yanase is located in the north of Umaji village, and with its warm climate and rainfall exceeding 4,000 mm per year, high-quality Japanese cedar grows.
In the past, the forest railway, the largest in western Japan used to run from Yanase Nahari River to Yasuda River in order to transport out Yanase Sugi (Japanese cedar).
Yanase Forest Railway carried not only wood but also passengers, foods, vegetables, fishes, and has been loved among the villagers. However, due to construction of the Yanase Dam in the early 1960’s, Yanase Settlement shifted to Maruyama plateau and the forest railway was sunk to the bottom of the dam and is totally gone.
After that, locals tried to get the forest railway back, and in 1991 a trajectory was made to go around Maruyama Park, and revive the preserved carriages.
Currently, there are 4 active locomotives which are kept in the warehouse in Maruyama Park including one unique Nomura Style locomotive. This is the only place all over Japan to keep 4 movable locomotives, and you can also experience driving the valuable locomotive with gentle guidance.
At the forest station Yanase, pictures of the Yanase district at the time are displayed, and you can learn how the forest railroad related to local people's lives.
Please enjoy the forest railway at Yanase surrounded by rich nature.


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