Lively Buddha at Kimii Temple which can be seen from the foot of the Mt. Nagusa.
In the temple, the golden statue of thousand hands eleven faces Kannon Bodhisattva faces to Wakayama city.
The statue with a height of 12 meters and a weight of about 30 tons is made from wood and is the largest wooden statue in Japan.
It was built in 2008 and has been attracting people’s attention.

○ Address: 1201 Kimiidera Wakayama
○ Phone: 073-444-1002
○ Time: 8:00 ~ 17:00 ※To see the statue from 8:30 to 16:30
○ Access: 5 minutes on foot from Wakayama Bus "Kimiidera"
○ Admission: Adult: 200 yen, primary and secondary school students or 70 years old and over: 100 yen
○ URL: