So, what is come up in your mind when you heard the word, “city of sea” or “city of hot water”?Yes, they are famous for hot springs and got 4 hot spring villages in the city. (Miya, Gamagouri, Katahara, Nishi-Ura)

Not only wonderful hot springs, but also there are many events going on for all seasons so surely you will be have some fun on your visit anytime in the year, for example, Azalea Festival, shell gathering (seashell digging), Hydrangea (flower) Festival, of course beach in the summer and Miya Festival in the autumn(which got 300 years history!).

As we all know events are unstable so here is one stable thing you would like to stop by for sure, TakeShima island which the entire island itself has been designated a national monument. Also center of the island, there is “Yaotomi shrine” known for god of marriage and good fortune.

Need some relaxing activity? There is Gamagouri Orange Park you can do fruit picking for whole year. Thank you for their warm climate!

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Timeline of Gamagori city

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    Aichi Gamagori city

    Takemoto Oil / Sesame Oil

    Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd., headquartered in Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture. Its history is old, and started back more than 290 years ago. It was Kyoho’s 10th year (1725) when the...

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    Aichi Gamagori city

    Kin Tobi Men – Golden Noodle

    Founded in 1917, we produce wheat flour exclusively for noodles rich in flavor by the inherited tradition of careful and high quality process, even though now-a-days the roll ty...

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    Aichi Gamagori city

    Mikawa cotton

    In Mikawa fiber production, registered trademark of the local brand “Mikawa cotton”, there is a factory named “Tebataba” to restore “homespun Mikawa cotton・Mikawa-Shima” by hear...

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    Aichi Gamagori city

    Shrimp rice cracker

    Shrimp rice cracker is a famous traditional product of Mikawa, made of fresh small shrimps. This is loved by men and women of all ages, the unique taste for mass with the smell ...

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    Aichi Gamagori city

    Gamagori Mikan (mandarin orange)

    Throughout the year, you can have seasonal Mikan (mandarin orange) including Wase, Aoshima, Setoka, Harumi, Kijyuku Decopon, Natsumi, Onshu Mikan etc that are sweet and thin inn...

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    Gamagori Orange Park

    Strawberry from January to beginning of May, Meon and Grape from middle of June to middle of Sept...

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    Takeshima, a small island on Mikawa Bay, is one of the symbol of Gamagori. It is 400m from the op...

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    BOAT RACE Gamagori

    In the boat race which was originated in Japan, the spectators predict the placing of six boats.

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