movie "Spirited Away", and so many tourists visit there every year. In the hot spring district, there are many footbathes that you can soak in for free.

In the town, "Bocchan Train" runs and the tranquil street is characteristic.
Ehime is very famous for its mikan (tangerines), and there is even a rumour that Pon Juice runs from the taps. It faces to the Inland sea of Japan, or the "Setonaikai" so the seafood is all fresh and awesome. We highly recommend you eat some "Jyakoten", which is fried and dried young sardines and is the local speciality of the Uwa Island in the Nanyo area.

In addition, we recommend you buy an Imabari towel which has history from 1894 in the Toyo area. It absorbs an unbelievable amount of liquid and it is Ehime's main product. It is also famous for pilgrimage where people visit the Shikoku 88 points in clockwise order.

Timeline of Ehime

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    Dogo Onsen

    Dogo Onsen,one of the Three Historical Onsens in Japan,is located in Matsuyama City in Ehime.

  • 2 20150414034455

    Matsuyama Castle

    Matsuyama Castle,one of the Three Greatest Castle on a Hill in Japan,is located in Matsuyama City...

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    Aoshima Island

    Aoshima Island is an island in the Seto Inland Sea. Surprisingly, this small island has only 15 p...

Hot Spring

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