Let's Go See the

Cherry Blossoms

in February at Kawazu Town

(Shizuoka Prefecture).

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Kawazu Sakura are special blossoms that reach full bloom in the cold winter days of February.
Compared to average cherry blossoms that bloom in april, their blossoms are a pretty, bright pink colour.
The blossoms bloom longer as well. The pink blossoms lining the lake shores are so beautiful that just one glance and you’ll never forget them.

Why not enjoy spring a little early this February in Kawazu Town.

A visitor from Myanmar
in February, 2016.

Kawazu Sakura blossoms
from February, 2014.

An arial view of the Kawazu Sakura
in Februrary, 2013.

The Kawazu Sakura Festival.

February 10th, 2017 ~ March 10th

Kawazu sakura are rare cherry blossoms that bloom every year in February through March.
They're known for their bright pink colouring, many petals and unusually long duration period. It's also a popular tourist sight to see Japanese sakura before the usual cherry blossom season in APril, the buisiest travel period in Japan.
Come to Kawazu for some spring air and sakura views without the crowd!

We actually went!What kind of place is the birth place of Kawazu sakura, Kawazu Town?

Kawazu Town is of course famous for it's sakura, but that's not all it's known for. It's an area rich with nature and pristine flowing water.
It's thanks to this beautiful water that the town became renown for its local wasabi.
We introduce to you the several charms (other than sakura blossoms) of Kawazu town.

1.The Seven Waterfalls of Kawazu (Kawazu Nanadaru) - A Trail where you can Experience the Pure Nature of Kawazu

The Kawazu Nanadaru is one of the most famous waterfall sightseeing spots in Kawazu, surrounded by quiet towns filled with hot springs.
The Nanadaru is made up of seven branching waterfalls, each with its own name. From one side is the “Big Waterfall” (not open to most tourists), the “Waterfall of Meetings”, the “Crab Waterfall”, “First Scenery Falls”, “Snake Waterfall”, “Shrimp Waterfall”, and the “Kettle Waterfall”.
A pathway was built so that visitors could enjoy the glory of these waterfalls up close. It’s partially paved and although the trail leads into the mountains, it’s very easy to walk.

The walk ways are well maintained.
A view of the calm "Snake Waterfall".

The farthest waterfall, “Kettle Waterfall”, can be viewed from the highest altitude point on the trail.
On days after heavy rainfall, the waterfalls swell and become even more powerful.
The water can become so forceful that it sprays the faces of visitors viewing the falls from the observatory.

The "Kettle Falls" at full force! The force of the water hitting the rocks sprays visitors with fresh water.
There are bridges like this along the trail.

The pathway is well maintained with gentle slopes, so there’s no need to bring any hiking gear.
The trail is paved until the Waterfall of Meetings, Crab Waterfall and First Scenery Falls, so visitors who require wheel chairs can participate in tours as well.
The Snake, Shrimp, and Kettle Waterfalls must be reached from a mountain path, so visitors with leg pain or disabilities may be unable to continue. Please be careful.

The outdoor hotsprings where you can view the "Big Waterfall".
The statue of the "Dancing Girl of Izu" in front of the "First Scenery Falls".
It's a place that symbolizes the spirit of Kawazu.

Here lies a statue of the literary work “The Dancing Girl of Izu”, written by author Yasunari Kawabata (winner of the Nobel Prize for literature). Bronze statues named after this work can be found in various areas. We must remind you that only one of the seven waterfalls (“Big Waterfall”) is inaccessible to day travelers.

It can only be seen from the outdoor hot springs at Kawazu Town’s “Amagiso” Hotel. There are even mixed baths where you can enter wearing clothing or swimwear. From these hot springs, you have a beautiful view of the one and only “Big Waterfall.” There are very few places in the world where you can bathe in hot springs with a view of mountains and natural waterfalls, and it’s rare scenery has made it popular with tourists.

Come to Kawazu for a calm hike through nature, and end the day with a long soak in one of Japan’s most beautiful natural hot springs- it’s a nature trip for anyone to enjoy.

Detailed Information

Capacity There’s no set capacity. However, some of the paths leading to the farther waterfalls can are thin, and it can be difficult to pass other hikers.
Fees None
Foreign Languages There are bulletins and signs written in Chinese and English
Restrooms There are restrooms located near the entrance to the tour entrance

2.Kawazu Nanadaru Tourim Center's cafeteria. - A Restaurant Where you can Enjoy Kawazu Wasabi with your Travel Group

The Nanadaru Tourism Center's "Make you Cry" Cafeteria was made by locals who wanted to give tourists a chance to taste the delicious Kawazu wasabi, and the main menu is filled with food made from wasabi taken from the village.

A view of the restaurant from the outside.
The shop curtain is a beautiful green, just like the wasabi.
Their original menu filled with wasabi.

The flavour of Kawazu wasabi is different from common wasabi. It's much less spicy, with a fresh taste. It's delicious, and pairs with anything, even plain rice.
There are several local dishes from Kawazu that can only been eaten here, like "Wasabi-don", a rice bowl topped with only wasabi and bonito fish.

Wasabi and soft-serve ice cream?!
Don't worry, there's no spice at all- only a refreshing flavour.
There's a wide parking lot that can hold up to 8 busses.

Inside the building, there are traditional tatami seats and tables on the first floor. There's only western seating on the second floor. There are over 200 seats in total, and we have served many overseas tourists. Feel free to call ahead and ask about their menu!

“We want to serve our customers food fresh from the kitchen, so we always coordinate our serving times with the travelers driving here,” says the manager.

The parking lot is large, so there’s no need to worry about parking your group busses or vans.

For a meal in Kawazu, we highly recommend this local store.

Detailed Information

Available Seating 1st Floor : 66 Seats (One table : Tamami Seating = 5 : 5) / Second Floor : 136 Seats (All western seating)
Business Hours 9:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM
General Cost 1,000 Yen ~ 3,000 Yen
Foreign Language Tours Provided Simple English
Group Registration We have booked group tours from as far as Taiwan
To Muslim visitors, visitors with religious / dietary restrictions If you tell us ahead of time, we can make arrangements to suit your needs, such as vegetarian, halal or kosher food.

3.An Interactive Experience at "iZoo" - Even Travelers with Zoophobia Will Want to Pet the Adorable Creatures at this Reptile Zoo!

The Interactive Zoo "iZoo" is a reptilian zoo located in Kawazu town.

Here lives a zoo director who loves reptiles and his carefully cared for charges (mainly lizards, crocodiles, snakes and tortoises).

The zoo director Mr. Shirawa. He"s always loved animals, especially reptiles.
Inside the zoo, visitors can actually pet and touch the animals!

Its charm lies in this Zoo"s
① Ability to bring out visitors’ individuality with their displays and
② Ingenious methods of showing visitors animals in their natural behaviour.

Animals skilled at hiding rest hidden in corners of rooms for curious guests to seek.

Some trainers even walk animals around the building.

Visitors can pet the animals safely, and meet these amazing animals in person.
It’s so exciting you won’t be able to resist petting them! Perhaps one of the most attractive points of this zoo is the thought put into their exhibitions- the way they utilize an animal’s natural personality and characteristics to make visitors love them.

Go see for yourself and experience this amazing zoo first hand!

There"s an animal hiding in this photo! Can you spot it...?
You can even feed the animals! (Fees Apply)

At the Zoo Store you can eat Alligator Meat Ramen! Their most famous dish, however, is their Crocodile Curry.
The Zoo director is committed to providing a wide variety of original iZoo products to all of its customers.

"If you don"t raise animals in the right way, then they won"t grow well. We take great care in rearing these animals," he says.

The director is a truly amazing person, who aims to raise his charges with love and care, and uses intellect to create an experience all customers will enjoy.

Only at iZoo Interactive Zoo can you become this close with reptiles- it"s truly a once in a life time experience.

The building is beautiful inside.
Look, they touched a Giant Tortoise! (Fees apply/photo service to take shots of you with the tortoise is available).

Detailed Information

Cost Adult (above middle school) 1,500 Yen [Groups/Over 15 people] 1,200 Yen
Business Hours 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM (Last Entry at 4:30 PM) No vacations year round
Location Shizuoka Prefecture Kamanokori Kawazu-Cho Beach 406-2
Contact Information 0558-34-0003
URL http://izoo.co.jp/

Where is Kawazu Town?


It"s in the Southeastern part of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture.
It"s easiest to reach by train or car.

From Narita International Airport
(Train) Around four hours
(Car) Around four hours
From Tokyo
(Train) Around three and a half hours
(Car) Around two hours and fifty minutes
From Fuji Subaru Line Fifth
(Train) -
(Car) Around two hours and forty minutes

Extra EditionLearn More about Kawazu Town

Special thanks to the Kawazu Tourism Association