journey of Kyushu. Transportations including bullet trains which run south to north are very convenient.

There is a huge shopping mall near Fukuoka airport which is the biggest in Kyushu.
Let's enjoy the shopping in the day time and have some walk at night time.
The light of Hakata Ramen will be turned on.

After taking some rest and enjoying beautiful food. Next day, sightseeings place at east and west are waiting for you.
Kokura Castle is located in the east area of Kokura and Gion Taiko festival is held in summer time.

There is a Dazaifu Tenmangu that is the God of literature or calligraphy and many people who wish for success of study are visiting.
Also Space world which is amusement park of "the universe".
In the south, you can enjoy rafting at Yanagawa river.

Everywhere you go you can feel sense of Ninjo, Japanese heart in Fukuoka.

Also Fukuoka is truely fascinating city for Japanese. People who have visited in Fukuoka, they go back again and again and ideal place to live parmanently.

Timeline of Fukuoka

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    Tenjin in Hakata City,Fukuoka Prefecture,is the largest downtown area in Kyushu and is a central ...

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    Canal City Hakata

    Canal-city Hakata is a commercial complex in Fukuoka City.
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    Dazaifu Temmangu is where the god of learning,Michizane Sugawara,is enshrined. Many people visit ...

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