The Bairin Temple is a famous temple of the Rinzai Sect of the Myoshinji School of Buddhism. It stands right behind the JR Kurume train station, on top of a hill on the edge of the Chikugo River. It's a typical Kyushu temple, with a long history and a name for its self as a famous training Dojo. It was once the temple of the Kurume Warlord and the Arima Family. The temple was born when the first warlord Toyouji Arima moved the Fukujiyama Zuikan Temple, and renamed it Bairin Temple in accordance with his father's laws. The temple boasts a magnificent embossed Karamon gate infront of its main hall, and out back stand mausoleums and gravestones leading back through several generations of Lords surrounded by the silent Komatsu forest.
There are more than 600 historical treasures in the temple, including a Shakudo Shamon Statue (Designated as an important cultural property), as well as a painting of mountfuji drawn by the famous Korin Ogata, a folding screen of Hasegawa Seki, and sliding doors painted by Kano. The adjacent garden is filled with plum trees, and is a famous destination for blossom viewing in the spring.

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