In Kurume city, you can pick fruits through a whole year.
・Strawberry : the middle of January to the middle of May
・Blueberry : the middle of June to the end of August
・Grape : the beginning of July to the end of September
・Persimmon : the middle of October to the end of November

Festival of Kurume city in this month

Timeline of Fruits picking

  • Special Product Thumb1 20161214162024
    Fukuoka Kurume city

    Strawberry picking♫ (Tanushimaru-machi of Kurume city)

    Two farms will open “strawberry picking” in Tanushimaru town of Kurume city from January. Please make a booking beforehand. 【Nakano orchard】 TEL:0943-72-2967 ・Fee(eat as muc...

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  • experience Thumb1 20170601153617
    Fukuoka Kurume city

    Blueberry picking in season!

    Enjoy blueberry picking from 1st June to 31st August at a tourist farm “Blueberry Village” in Kitano-cho of Kurume city! About 4,000 blueberry trees are grown in “Blueberry Vill...

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  • Special Product Thumb1 20170725153702
    Fukuoka Kurume city

    Pear picking is started!

    Enjoy picking pear from 25th July to the middle of October at “Nakamura Orchard Fruitelie” in Fujiyama-cho, Kurume city. The third and fourth generation Nakamuraya of 90 year’s ...

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