The Ishibashi Cultural Center is a gathering venue built by the Bridgestone Company through the contributions of Ishibashi Shojiro, who established it originally as an integrated park. However, the park now consists of a large field in the center, a concert hall by the name 'Ishibashi Cultural Hall' where music shows are held, a museum (the Ishibashi Museum and Gallery; planned for renovation from the 29th of August until the 18th of November), a traditional Japanese garden, a bird fountain, the 'Sakamoto Hanjiro Atelier', a playing field, as well as a public library. Flower fields are also available for a visit, such as the camellia flower field and the rose field, where one can enjoy the view of different kinds of flowers with the change of the four seasons.

In the 'Ishibashi Museum and Gallery', guests are given the opportunity to look at a variety of paintings and works gathered from Western and Eastern Japan, featuring works by notable artists of the past, such as Sakamoto Hanjiro, Aoki Shigeru, and Koga Harue. Along with this, several events can be enjoyed, followed by the changing environment surrounding the museum.

A final event before the museum changes its name, called the 'Ishibashi Museum Story' will be held on from July 2nd - August 28th, offering an exhibition of collections and works that has been gathered for over 60 years. From the 19th of November, the museum will adopt a new name and open as "The Kurume-shi Museum and Gallery".

Kurume Rhododendrons Early April - End of April
World's Rhododendrons Early April - End of April
Roses Early May - Mid-May
Japanese Iris Early June - End of June

Festival of Kurume city in this month

Timeline of Ishibashi Cultural Center