The Chikugo area of Fukuoka Prefecture has long been known as one of Japan’s three best sake-making regions, due to its abundance of suitable rice and clean water sources. Today, the area is home to the highest number of sake breweries in the country.
Within the Chikugo region, sake produced in the Jojima area is acknowledged as the best sake in western Japan, where it has been produced since the mid Edo period. The Nada area, on the other hand, is considered to produce the best sake in eastern Japan.
Hosted by nine sake breweries in the Jojima area, the Jojima Sakagura Biraki is one of the biggest sake events in all of Kyushu, celebrating the start of the sake making season each year.
Visitors can take part in sake tasting, as well as enjoy the uniquely fascinating atmosphere of a busy sake brewery.
A shuttle bus service to the venue is in operation from Mizuma station and JR Arao station, meaning you can try as much sake as you like without having to worry about driving home!

Festival of Kurume city in this month

Timeline of Jojima Sake Brewery Event (February)

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