Returning once again this year, the purpose of the Narita-san Setsubun Festival is to clear away the year’s bad fortune and pray for future happiness.
During the festival, ‘toshiotoko’ and ‘toshionna’ (men and women respectively, who were born under the same Chinese Zodiac sign as that of the current year), typically offer prayers to ward off evil and for better fortune, as well as scattering approximately 20,000 soy beans (believed to bring good fortune) which are then searched for and picked up by visitors. A huge variety of exciting gifts and coupons can also be found, and each year sees approximately 2,000 visitors coming to hunt for the scattered beans and prizes.
Bean scattering takes place after the Shinto ‘Oogomaku’ ceremony.

Festival of Kurume city in this month

Timeline of Narita-san Temple Setsubun Festival

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    Fukuoka Kurume city

    Setsubun Festival

    The famous Setsubun Festival for warding off evil and granting great happiness will be hosted at the Kurume Sousha Hiyoshi Shrine and the Naritasan Kurume Bunin. Of course the w...

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