"Kurume City Tsubaki-kan" is in Kurume Kusano-machi where camellias are grown since long ago. They collect and display camellias from all over the world including the original species of camellia.
There are over 110 species of original camellia at the Glass House and about 140 camellias with 90 different species including Kurume camellia called “Seigi” and “Fukumusume” at the Camellia Garden.
The Kurume Camellia Festival will be held in March at three venues, "Kurume Camellia Hall", "Kurume Camellia Garden", "Ishibashi Culture Centre” and events related to Camellia are planned in each venue. It is scheduled from March 9 to 17 in 2019.

Festival of Kurume city in this month

Timeline of Kurume City Camellia Hall