With its cool summers, mild winters and relatively little snowfall, Iwaki City is the perfect place for golf whatever the time of year. The city is even known throughout Japan as ‘Sunshine Iwaki’ due to its extensive periods of sunlight.
With a number of attractive golf courses to choose from, why not combine a golf trip with a Japanese onsen (hot spring) experience and some of the many other sightseeing activities that Sunshine Iwaki has to offer?

・Shioyasaki Country Club
・Thoroughbred Country Club
・Seve Ballesteros Golf Club
・Onahama Country Club
・Spa Resort Hawaiians Golf Course
・Byron Nelson Country Club
・Onahama Ocean Hotel & Golf Club
・Helena International Country Club
・Nakoso TAIGA
・Itsuura Teien Country Club
・Yumoto Springs Country Club