Shiramizu Amidado Temple originated with Princess Tokuhime, the daughter of Kiyoe Fujiwara (of the powerful Fujiwara family), who had a shrine built to honour the memory of her deceased husband, Iwaki Norimichi.
Constructed in the architectural style of the late Heian period (during which the ‘Amida’ sect of Pure Land Buddhism flourished), the temple’s beautiful curved roof and ‘jodo’ (‘Pure Land’) style garden complement one another, creating a sense of graceful harmony.
With ancient lotuses blooming in summer, Gingko biloba and striking red leaves casting a rusty backdrop in autumn, Shiramizu Amidado Temple remains the only building in Fukushima prefecture that has been designated as a National Treasure of Japan.

Festival of Iwaki City in this month

Timeline of A National Treasure of Japan: Shiramizu-Amidado Temple