town", once prospered as business and bed town, must be highlights.

You will see beautiful "Shirakawago" every season.
There is full green in spring and summer, red leaves in autumn and snow covers everything in winter.
Many tourist come to see traditional way of building house. It is called "Gasshodukuri" and this was create to survive heavy snow in this area.

"Gero Onsen" is one of 3 best hot spring in Japan and very famous. There is onsen even inside riverside.

The center part of Takayama city is called "Little Kyoto in Hida" because the town preserved as it was in Edo era. Sanmachi-suji maain street is full of energy of tourists come from both inside and outside of Japan and souvenior shops. Takayama Festival is held in April and October. Festival float, Yatai, displayed in town beautifully. Not only "Hida beef" but also "Hoba miso" or "Gohei mochi" with miso paste are famous food culture in Takayama.

Gifu prefecture, surrounded by rich nature of Hida mountains shows various faces.
Sakura blossom falls in Takayama town, Kita Alps mountains with beautiful green, colorful leaves looking down from Shin Hotaka Ropeway and perfect view of white Shirakawago.
Please experience changing attraction of Gifu prefecture.

Timeline of Gifu

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